How to Survive High School: The Academics Guide

Student Insight From: Drew Harvey

The following is a guide for choosing the best classes that will strengthen your pathway to college.

Colleges do not necessarily recruit the students who have only taken AP or Gifted classes. Colleges and universities look for students who have taken high school courses that were rigorous for that student. For example, they look for students who have pushed themselves by taking classes that challenge them.

These classes may be general, advanced, AP, or any combination of these courses. If a student took general math their freshman year but he or she took an advanced math course during their junior year, then that tells colleges that that student has pushed him/herself to the extent of his/her mathematical abilities.

It’s important to take classes that will challenge but not overwhelm you.

For example, if a student took General Biology his/her freshman year and decided to take AP Chemistry for his/her sophomore year, then that is a bold but highly illogical decision. It is important to build the  foundation of your education at a steady pace.

It is also crucial that you put forth your best effort into the courses that you are enrolled in, especially during the first term.

The first nine-weeks heavily determines your ending grade percentage at the end of the semester. If a student performs poorly during the first term of the semester, then that grade will have a negative impact on the outcome of the grade for the second term.

Consequently, if the student performs extremely well, and he/she does not perform quite as well during the second term, then that will have a positive impact on the ending grade for that semester.

In keeping up with your grades, it is also imperative that you make an effort to be to class on time, every single day.

If the the second bell rings and a student is not in his/her seat, then that student is technically tardy according to the Newnan High School student handbook.

In remembering all of these important tasks, it is also imperative that you do do not overlook the little aspects of high school and academic success. Always remember to study days and even weeks before a test or quiz, and always be prepared for class.

A student should also make an attempt to be present every day of the school year, especially on the day of tests or when assignments are due.

Missing assignments or make-up work will bring down your grade and cause the buildup of stress.