Student-Vet Connect Veterans Relief Fund 5k

By: Hannah Johnson

The Veterans 5K will be held at Newnan High School on May 20th. The race will begin at eight in the morning.

The 5K was started three years ago by Mr. Quesinberry, NHS History Department Chair, and Mr. Henderson, NHS AP European History teacher.

The idea for the veterans run began to raise money for local veterans and to connect the students of Newnan High School to the veterans around our community.

The first year of the event, $5,000 was raised and donated. Last year they raised and donated $10,000. This year their goal is $12,000.

All of the money has been donated to the Veterans of Foreign Wars Relief fund, where the much needed dollars are used to help veterans get things they are in need of, such as wheelchairs, ramps and service dogs.

Mr. Quesinberry remarked that “Students have responded extremely well” but the department would “Still need more community members to get involved.”

The founders and volunteers of the 5K are all working on informing more people about it in order to make it more well known. The more people that become involved, the more money that will be raised for the local veterans.

If you would like to run for the veterans around our community you can sign up for the Student Vet Connect Veterans 5k on the Newnan High School website.