The Prowl and Growl



This is the home for The Prowl and Growl, Newnan High School’s student newspaper. The Prowl and Growl is the product of students’ efforts in NHS’s Journalism I and II courses as well as the Journalism and Newspaper Club.

The mission of The Prowl and Growl is to provide students with the opportunity to learn, practice, and master the skills and concepts that will better prepare them to succeed in college as well as in their careers.

This focus on student college and career readiness is reflected in both the content and focus of this publication, where students write, photograph, edit, organize, budget, and plan for the continued success of The Prowl and Growl as a news and media outlet serving NHS and its community.

Thank you for your viewership and support of this program! Your readership and enthusiasm helps prepare students for the opportunities that await them after graduation.

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The Prowl and Growl Editing Team – Spring 2016

Vivian Duncan, Managing Editor

Hannah Johnson, Managing Editor

Thomas Touchstone, Managing Editor

Seth Rainey, Sports Editor and Senior Reporter


Joshua Johnson, NHS English Teacher

DISCLAIMER: Any views, opinions, or analysis expressed by writers in articles published by The Prowl and Growl belong to the writer who’s name is published with the article. Any views, opinions, or analysis in articles that are published by The Prowl and Growl and are attributed to writers do not in any way reflect the beliefs or views of any facet or operation of Newnan High School, Coweta County School System, or entity associated with any branch of the Georgia Department of Education.